Texas Using Funds From Opioid Settlement To Fight The Issue

Across the country, billions of dollars given to the states to combat drug addiction issues.  This follows settlement with prescription drug manufactures over the opioid crisis.  The big question- how is the state of Texas spending the money – ABC 13    

Inside the new climate assault on the oil majors

In Multnomah County, Oregon, temperatures reached 42 degrees Celsius, 44.5 degrees and 46.6 degrees over successive days. Before that week began, the county’s record temperature was 41.6 degrees, and its average high temperature was just 21 degrees.  

Why American Communities Are Suing Big Oil For Climate Damages

Jeffrey B. Simon is part of a legal team taking on Big Oil over the 2021 Pacific Northwest Heat Dome disaster — and says the era of fossil fuel companies evading responsibility for their role in the climate crisis is ending.

‘Tipping point’: Asbestos, opioid lawyers enter climate fray

In the past nine months, four law firms that specialize in corporate wrongdoing have filed lawsuits against oil and gas majors on behalf of local governments seeking compensation for the ravages of climate change. The filings signal that climate liability litigation — once mostly the domain of environmental firms and government attorneys — is drawing… Continue reading ‘Tipping point’: Asbestos, opioid lawyers enter climate fray

SMU prof: Bible-based laws are the opposite of religious freedom

Even if, b/c of your faith, “support a ban on abortion, transgenderism & related books, would you support those bans if the justification for them was that their existence violates Sharia Law rather than the tenets of the Bible?” …