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“Negotiated over $2.75 Billion in opioid harm reduction for the State of Texas ”

Jeffrey B. Simon Wins 'Best Attorney' Award 4 Years In A Row.

Jeffrey B. Simon is a commentator and founding partner of SIMON GREENSTONE PANATIER, PC. Ranked as one of the Top 10 Personal Injury Attorney's within America and Co-chair of the National Opioid Litigation Conference, Mr. Simon brings together medical, legal, and law experts to reduce the social and economic harms of the opioid pandemic.

Attorney Jeffrey B. Simon Secures $1.8 Billion Opioid Settlement for All Texans

Jeffrey B. Simon announced that he and a committee of trial lawyers, along with the Office of the Texas Attorney General, have reached a historic $1.8 billion settlement for Texas.

Texas reaches $290 million settlement with Johnson & Johnson

A $290 million settlement agreement Tuesday with pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson over what the state claims were deceptive marketing tactics that contributed to the ongoing opioid crisis.

We're Suing Fossil Fuel Companies for $1.15 Billion

This industrially caused environmental disease will cause enormous harm, both in terms of human suffering...



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