On Air: Law & Crime Network- “Triple Murder Case”

An admitted accomplice to the murders of 14-year-old Larry Ordway and 16-year-old Maurice Gordon testified Wednesday that the teen brothers were stabbed to death at lead defendant Brice “Rambo” Rhodes‘ home in May 2016, weeks after Rhodes carried out the murder of 40-year-old Christopher Jones under the erroneous belief that there was a bounty on… Continue reading On Air: Law & Crime Network- “Triple Murder Case”

On Air: Law & Crime Network- “Best Friend Murder Trail”

Jeffrey provides his thoughts on the Best Friend Murder Trial.  Contemplating the difficult decision ahead: Prosecution weighs the possibility of pursuing charges again, mindful of the victim’s family, the challenges of proving the case, and the emotional toll of a retrial. Justice, resilience, and the weight of a family’s wishes hang in the balance.  

The Lawyer Suing 17 Fossil Fuel Companies

The Lever speaks with a lawyer suing the fossil fuel industry for its role in a deadly heatwave. On this week’s episode of Lever Time Premium, exclusively for The Lever’s supporting subscribers, Frank Cappello speaks with lawyer Jeffrey B. Simon, who is suing 17 fossil fuel companies for their contribution to a 2021 heatwave that… Continue reading The Lawyer Suing 17 Fossil Fuel Companies