Montana Climate Ruling Boosts Case for States’ Green Amendments

A state judge’s ruling this month that Montana’s energy project permitting laws violate constitutional rights to a healthy environment is a historic win that highlights how affirmative constitutional climate rights—also called green amendments—can be useful in the legal movement to stem emissions.

A Trial Attorney Is Suing Fossil Fuel Companies for $1.15 Billion

The fossil fuel industry is killing our planet. One trial attorney is suing fossil fuel companies for $1.15 billion to protect a community — and everyone.

We’re Suing Fossil Fuel Companies for $1.15 Billion

Enormous harm was caused to this community. Millions of dollars were spent as a result of the loss of life, the property damage, the provision of cooling centers, and all the emergency health services that were necessary for a population where 40 percent of the residents don’t have air cooling systems in their home because… Continue reading We’re Suing Fossil Fuel Companies for $1.15 Billion