PRESS RELEASE: Scorched Earth & The Burning of the American Consumer

Season 2 of ‘Outside Counsel’ is here.   The much anticipated series is kicking ofgf with a three-part special with New York Times Best-Selling author and climate expert Jeff Goodell, and an update episode with one of our heroes from Season 1, Christy Couvillier, who is making major strides on the frontlines of the opioid… Continue reading PRESS RELEASE: Scorched Earth & The Burning of the American Consumer

Texas Using Funds From Opioid Settlement To Fight The Issue

Across the country, billions of dollars given to the states to combat drug addiction issues.  This follows settlement with prescription drug manufactures over the opioid crisis.  The big question- how is the state of Texas spending the money – ABC 13    

Netflix’s Painkiller is ‘incredibly important’ in exposing ‘dangerous lie’ about opioids

Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, Jeffrey explained how his firm joined forces with a number of others to go up against Purdue Pharma and other big companies. In the end, he said the total amount of settlements for their Opioid related claims is around $2.7billion (£2.1billion).

Painkiller: How true is Netflix series? Real extent of America’s opioid crisis explained

EXCLUSIVE: Attorney Jeffrey B. Simon has spoken about how accurately the Netflix series Painkiller depicts the opioid crisis and Purdue Pharma’s role in the national healthcare epidemic.