Today in America we are in the grips of the largest drug epidemic in American history: the opioid epidemic. Drug overdoses, mostly to opioid drugs, are the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. In recent years, Americans witnessed a decrease in natural life expectancy for the first time since the early 1960s. The primary cause this decrease was overdoses on opioids. Since the onset of Covid-19, America’s opioid epidemic has grown worse. Deaths from opioid overdoses rose 30% over the last year. Opioid addiction is a chronic and progressive disease that is life-threatening if left inadequately treated. Though not curable, opioid addiction is treatable and manageable if the resources are available to the patient and the patient can be kept alive long enough to enter treatment.

During this season, we will discuss the nature, causes, and dimensions of America’s opioid epidemic, and what we, together, can do to address this public health crisis.

Episode 15

Special Episode: Turning Pain into Purpose: Linda Reinstein’s Asbestos Advocacy Story

After a landmark ruling advancing the US asbestos ban, Jeffrey sits down with Linda Reinstein,…

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Episode 14

Episode 14: Tragedy to Triumph (Season Finale)

In conversation with Major Patricia Cole, a Lee County, Kentucky, EMT who has dedicated her…

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Episode 13

Episode 13: Pragmatic Approaches to Harm Reduction

Jeffrey sits down with Brian, a former multi-national tech exec who nearly lost his life…

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Episode 12

Episode 12: Dispatches From the Frontlines ft. Chris McGreal (Part 2)

In the second installment of this exclusive interview, author and journalist Chris McGreal dives deep…

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Episode 11

Episode 11: Dispatches From the Frontlines ft. Chris McGreal (Part 1)

In the first of this two-part interview, Jeffrey sits down with author and award-winning journalist,…

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Episode 1

Episode 1: Oversupply Expands the Demand

SERIES PREMIERE! How manufacturers flooded the legal marketplace with a surplus of painkillers.

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Episode 2

Episode 2: Scripts for Tips Pt. 1

How dangerous misinformation and market manipulation shifted the way pain medication was prescribed, ultimately causing…

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Episode 3

Episode 3: Scripts for Tips Pt. 2

We continue the conversation with Former Purdue Pharma sales rep turned whistleblower, Carol Panara, who…

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Episode 4

Episode 4: Fox Watches the Henhouse

Unpacking the role of wholesale distributors in the opioid epidemic and how the slanted Marino…

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Episode 5

Episode 5: The Scope of the Crisis

Examining the devastating toll this epidemic continues to take on our society and the lack…

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Episode 6

Episode 6: Validation & Remedies

A conversation with Chief Medical Officer and Addiction Specialist, Dr. Andrew Kolodny, about the real…

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Episode 7

Episode 7: Impunity & The Tale of NORCO

Questioning the alarmingly weak penalties faced by individuals who play a role in this ongoing…

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Episode 8

Episode 8: A Tale of Two Cases

Exploring two landmark trials that pursued public nuisance claims against opioid manufacturers as a legal…

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Episode 9

Episode 9: Socioeconomics of The Opioid Crisis

In conversation with prominent litigator & community leader Larry Taylor about the impact this relentless…

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Episode 10

Episode 10: A Mother’s Love & Loss

In conversation with Christy Couvillier: a mother who lost her son to addiction and penned…

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