COP28: Five reasons for optimism on climate

BBC discusses the big oil crisis and COP28 with Jeffrey B. Simon.   “Getting the defendants to reduce their emissions is not within the reach of the civil justice system in the US, but holding them accountable for the harm they’ve caused, and the misrepresentations they’ve made, which has slowed adaptation to those problems, is definitely… Continue reading COP28: Five reasons for optimism on climate

Inside the new climate assault on the oil majors

In Multnomah County, Oregon, temperatures reached 42 degrees Celsius, 44.5 degrees and 46.6 degrees over successive days. Before that week began, the county’s record temperature was 41.6 degrees, and its average high temperature was just 21 degrees.  

Insights into the $2 billion opioid settlement with Johnson & Johnson and Big Oils environmental impact

SkyNews sits down with Lawyer Jeffrey B. Simon to reveal insights into the $2 billion opioid settlement with Johnson & Johnson and the fight against Big Oils environmental impact.  Don’t miss this eyeopening interview!

The Lawyer Suing 17 Fossil Fuel Companies

The Lever speaks with a lawyer suing the fossil fuel industry for its role in a deadly heatwave. On this week’s episode of Lever Time Premium, exclusively for The Lever’s supporting subscribers, Frank Cappello speaks with lawyer Jeffrey B. Simon, who is suing 17 fossil fuel companies for their contribution to a 2021 heatwave that… Continue reading The Lawyer Suing 17 Fossil Fuel Companies

Montana Climate Ruling Boosts Case for States’ Green Amendments

A state judge’s ruling this month that Montana’s energy project permitting laws violate constitutional rights to a healthy environment is a historic win that highlights how affirmative constitutional climate rights—also called green amendments—can be useful in the legal movement to stem emissions.

A Trial Attorney Is Suing Fossil Fuel Companies for $1.15 Billion

The fossil fuel industry is killing our planet. One trial attorney is suing fossil fuel companies for $1.15 billion to protect a community — and everyone.

Semafor- Net-Zero- “One Good Text”

Jeffrey B. Simon, attorney representing Multnomah County, Oregon, in a recent lawsuit officials there filed to hold oil and gas companies liable for a heat wave last year that killed 69 people in the county. Simon is the author of the forthcoming book Last Rights, about corporate influence on the justice system.